Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Protest Update

Here's an update from the Protest Organizer:

First, we had an amazingly productive and supportive meeting with a representative
from the OC Sheriff's Department. I was nervous before about safety, but we got
wonderful advice and they are going to be very helpful. I'll say it again, but on
the day, PLEASE thank them repeatedly!

Second, I want to ask everyone who is attending YOUR thoughts on how to make this a
positive, peaceful and pro-active rally. ...

Third, I have a few really wonderful and artistic sign examples on the website at
but does anyone have any other sites or artwork to use? Again, email me at
info@allornotatall.org if you do.

There will be an email closer to the date including information about parking,
carpooling and safety and so on.

Happy New Year!

P.S. PLEASE invite more people to come. I hear there might be a bus-load coming from
San Jose and we want to make sure we have at least 500 people ther

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