Thursday, January 22, 2009

Will He Show??

An LA Pastor has invited Rick Warren to a debate on Gay Marriage. So far, there has been no response from Rick Warren and Saddleback other than "A spokeswoman for Warren said that the Saddleback pastor is focused on President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration, in which he will deliver the invocation, and is not making any comments prior to it."

So now that is over - will Rick show up for a debate on gay marriage? My guess is he will not. He tries really hard to be a friend to everyone and that would damage his image. Did you notice he didn't even mention Jesus in his invocation aside from the Spanish pronunciation? He's good at appealing to the masses which is why so many are drawn to his church.

I'm also tired of the "Rick has done so many good things in Africa" comments. Yes - he has done some good things - I do not dispute that. But doing good in one area does not excuse comparing others to pedophiles. The Christians in the Crusades probably did some good too - but they certainly did a lot of harm. Since when is doing going in one area an excuse for causing harm in another?

So Rick Warren - are you going to respond to Rev. Eric Lee's multiple requests for a debate or aren't you?

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