Monday, November 17, 2008

Day Without a Gay (or gay supporters)

Join gays and gay supporters all around the country on Dec 10th, 2008 for "Day without a gay" Personally, I think it should be "Day without a gay (or gay supporters)". I think that for a couple reasons. First of all, in about 30 states, you can still be fired for being gay. Second, there are many straight supporters who want to show solidarity for this movement, and I encourage that!

Dec 10th is also International Human Rights Day. Instead of going to work - maybe you can volunteer. If you support gay marriage equality then don't go to work on Dec 10th! Don't buy anything. Don't buy food. Don't buy gas. This is nation wide - and not just CA.

Read more about it here (yes it is okay for straight people to call in that day as well - and highly encouraged!)

So.. Call in "Gay" or "For a Gay" on December 10th!

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