Friday, November 7, 2008

Sign Ideas and Important Notes!

Ideas for your signs:

end the war on love
equality for all
Don't elimin8 our rights
Gays are not second class citizens
commitments of love are never wrong
When do I get to vote on your marriage?
Marriage equality
love is Love
You can't amend my love
where are my 40 days (or years) of love?

If you are attending this rally - please be peaceful! Do not interfere with or block traffic. Please stay on the public sidewalk in front of the church and stay off church property. The police will be there to assure we have the safety to exercise our free speech rights. They are on our side so let's keep it that way.


Mark D. Snyder said...

1. don't blame blacks
2. don't appropriate civil rights language
3. build diverse coalitions

Raphael said...

My idea:

Separate CHURCH and HATE

James said...

Dear Friends,

Next week or the week after, I will have to take down my "No on Prop 8" lawn sign and move on. I've decided to replace it with a rainbow flag on a flagpole attached to the side of my house, in the fashion that some of my neighbors display American flags. Although I am proud to be an American, my American pride is tempered by the outcome on Proposition 8. Like many of us, I just wanted to live quietly in suburbia and be integrated into my community. The outcome on Proposition 8 has convinced me that it is not enough to be quiet and integrated and that one also must speak out—Hence the rainbow flag.

Last night, I went to my local hardware store and bought a flagpole, a mounting bracket to attach it to the wall of my house, and some masonry screws and a masonry drill bit. I also ordered a nice rainbow flag online ( With any luck, I hope to be able to have the flag mounted and up before I remove my "No on Prop 8" lawn sign.

If this sounds like a good idea to you, please consider doing the same to your home. Even if you can't do this for your own home, please forward this e-mail to friends who might be interested.

Tea Nuts said...

do you guys have jobs?

lynnmacd said...
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Hate Fighter said...

My sign will remind Rick Warren of the parable, "The Pharisee and the Tax Collector." Rick Warren is a Pharisee because he exalts himself above all and HE WILL be humbled. This man will not receive salvation with such hatred in his heart!

MattyMatt said...

Thanks so much for spreading the info about protests. I've started posting Prop-8-related news, events, and more ways to help at -- please help spread the word!

gr8ful said...

Welcome to Saddleback.

God loves each and every person, and we strive to do the same. I invite you to join us for worship, before or after your protest. I also invite you to join us for a drink, snack or lunch at "the Refinery".

I challenge you to really get to know what we believe, or at least check it out, while you are on our campus.

We welcome you with open arms.

a member of Saddleback Church

rubes said...

Who are the intolerant ones now?

Jessica Deline said...

hi gr8ful. how did you vote on prop 8? and can me and my girlfriend become members? I know we can't. But i do appreciate your attempt at hospitality. I have already been to Saddleback many times but not again until these policies change.

Charles said...

jessica deline:

Are you a believer in Jesus Christ? You and your girlfriend only need to take C.L.A.S.S. 101 to become members of Saddleback Church.

Charles said...

Let me clarify (homosexual or heterosexuals) are welcome to become Saddleback Church members:

CLASS 101 registration

You were designed to be a part of a church family. And that’s exactly what Saddleback is intended to be – your family. A healthy family has common beliefs, purposes and commitment. That’s why at Saddleback we want to share with you what we believe and where we’re going.

God wants all of us to grow in fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism and worship. It’s by balancing those five purposes that we truly live out God’s plan for our life. More than anything else, the Saddleback family wants to come beside you and watch you grow in all five of these areas.

CLASS 101 is our basic introduction to our church family and is designed to clearly explain who and what our church is. The CLASS is broken into four sessions covering: Our Salvation, Our Statements, Our Strategy and Our Structure. At the end of the CLASS there will be an opportunity for you to decide whether to complete the process by filling in your information on the Membership Application or to wait and decide at another time. No pressure whatsoever, we want you to be comfortable with whichever you choose. If you decide that Saddleback is not where God is leading you, we’ll be happy to help you find another church.

MEMBERSHIP DEFINED: After completing the requirements for membership:

Accepting Jesus Christ as savior;

Baptized by immersion after salvation;

Completion of CLASS 101; and

Signing of the Membership Covenant, people join our church family. (Eph. 2:19)

It is our joy to welcome new members into the Saddleback family. We do this by sending them a signed Certificate of Membership containing the Covenant which all Saddleback Church members abide by.

Once people have joined our church family, we offer many different ministries to help make a big place small. This is where people begin to connect with their church family, deepen their relationships, and change their lives!

For more info on what we believe:

Charles said...

jessica deline:

If you have any more questions, please let me know.

Nixie said...

God doesn't exist.

Anyone who believes so has been successfully brainwashed.

Now stop worrying about who's marrying who.