Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Saddleback Protest Made Bill O'Reilly Too!

Also on Colbert. Colbert even included a clip from O'Reilly's segment. The segment on Colbert starts at 2:55 into the show.


Charles said...


Charles said...

The Colbert Report inaccurately labeled the Saddleback Church protest as "Oakland".

Charles said...

Pastor Rick was on Hannity's show last night too:

COLMES: Look, I want to ask you about a couple of other things. We've covered a lot of ground here. But I was reading -- or some members of your congregation were very disappointed in particularly -- particular gay member of your congregation that you had come out in favor of Proposition 8.

She said, you know, "What do I do? Do I go inside the congregation or I do stand outside the Saddleback Church and protest?" And she was conflicted about that.

So I'm kind of curious because you normally have not taken strong political positions. What's your -- you know, how do you deal with your congregation who may be disappointed here?

WARREN: Alan -- Alan, I absolutely believe in loving everybody, giving respect to everybody, and giving everybody the freedom of choice. I just am opposed to redefining marriage. For 5,000 years that term, marriage, has represented a man and a woman. And so, even some of gay leaders like Al Rantel, KABC, and others, have said "why would we redefine marriage?"

COLMES: They want -- should they have the same domestic rights? Should they have the same legal rights as anybody? Or should they be allowed to live in partnerships?

WARREN: I am not ...

COLMES: Go ahead.

WARREN: I absolutely believe that people should show respect to everybody, regardless of their lifestyle, regardless of their beliefs, religious beliefs or any other kind of belief.

I think we live in a pluralistic society where we have to get along with each other and show common grace to each other. But I just didn't believe in redefining marriage.

Charles said...

Am I the only one posting to this blog? Some more video of the Saddleback Church protest: