Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Restricting Marrige Deemed Illegal in CT

"Wednesday morning Judge Jonathan Silbert entered the final judgment, allowing for same-sex couples to marry in Connecticut. The ruling makes any law that prohibits marriage between same-sex couples illegal in the state."

Let's hope the CA Supreme Court comes to the same conclusion - that it is illegal to prohibit same sex couples from marrying. Of course, in this case there was not constitutional amendment but a law that the courts overturned. The case is different but the issue is the same - equal rights.

Go Connecticut!!


Charles said...

How about "equal rights" for an adult brother marrying his adult sister?

Charles said...

Jessica (or anyone else):

Are you going to answer my questions?

Saddleback Prop 8 Protest said...

You ask lots of questions and I'm just one person :) I don't have time to respond all the time since I mainly only get on here at work and have been busy :)

I'm not sure how incest compares to gay marriage. If marriage as you define is between a man and woman then a brother and sister should already be able to get married shouldn't they?

Charles said...

No, everyone knows that incest is illegal for very good reasons. You didn't really answer my question though. The "comparison" I am making is that the SAME EXACT arguments being used for same-sex marriage (on this thread "equal rights") can be used to argue for incest, then polygamy, etc. WHERE will we finally draw the line?