Monday, November 17, 2008

The Gay Equality Movement is here in Full Force!

The nationwide protests that occurred this past Saturday are not even close to the end of this. To some they may have been a culmination of daily protests since Prop 8 passed.

To me, and to many others, the event of this past Saturday signifies something much, much bigger. You see, if Prop 8 had been left off the ballot, none of this would be happening right now. But what HAS happened is an amazing groundswell of support for marriage equality across the county that will only end with ALL states allow the freedom to marry to those whom we choose - gay or straight. As my girlfriend said - "Groundswell Much?"

This movement is growing. It's now international. It includes MANY straight people as well as gay. It's likely going to involve a march on Washington DC itself (possibly in January around the time of Obama's inauguration). Watch for it - it will happen!

To those of you who voted yes on Prop 8 - I thank you. You have galvanized our support so strongly that we won't stop until we get our rights - well behind the limits of CA. You can only silence a group of people so long. And you have helped launch this issue onto a national level.

Keep up the good fight for Marriage Equality everyone. Never give up. Never, ever give up for what you believe in!


Charles said...

You're welcome.

Audra said...

Very well said- this is what I was thinking when I was at the protest at South Coast last week.